One step towards the vast blue sky; one step towards the finish line far ahead.

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If you receive this, share TEN random facts about yourself, then pass it on to your 15 favorite followers. (⌒▽⌒)

ahhhhh thank you!! <3 am i really a favorite follower wow ;;

1. i have blue eyes

2. i have 2 cats

3. this is hard um i like seafood a lot

4. my knees are all messed up

5. i’m wearing all blue right now

6. my favorite color is blue

7. apparently i really like blue

8. i have really big feet ;;

9. i hate the number eleven

10. a few weeks ago i went to build-a-bear and it was the most fun i’d had in a while otl

13 hours ago | Wednesday
T A G S : cl 2ne1

dong youngbae

1 day ago | Tuesday


At 8AM KST, Park Jung Soo was officially discharged from military service. Welcome back Park Jung Soo!



Welcome Back Leader! We missed you so much! ( ≧Д≦)

Anonymous asked

Well i'm not sure if you would want sub units too, but i only found oppa oppa ? :c

thank you anon! i was originally hoping to only stick to the main group and the larger sub-units, but i think i might use oppa oppa, so thank you for suggesting it! ^^ there’s next to no red in any suju mvs, it’s so annoying ;;

i know this is a weird question, but can anyone think of sj mvs that contain a lot of red or orange besides sfs, victory korea, and spy?

when do we ever know, dear, what’s in front of us?

until we’re looking back here and we see the dust

so where can you be?

changing my theme!

it’ll be under construction for probably the next couple hours so don’t worry if it looks a bit funky.