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One step towards the vast blue sky; one step towards the finish line far ahead. I'm walkin' to that someplace that will come tomorrow; where is that someplace?
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10 minute graphic challenge: kyuhyun for kyulau


the action of giving a misleading account or impression.

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10 minute graphics challenge: zhou mi for aegyopanda

"someone who seems kind-hearted is not necessarily a good person. ‘bad’ isn’t unconditionally bad, and ‘good’ is too dependent on the situation…." 

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aegyopanda asked :
can you do one zhoumi?(^・ω・^ )

i’d love to! precious precious mimi

start time: 10:28

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The S. P. Y. that I loved, I chase her day and night
I become breathless, the moment I aim at her
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a-tomic-bang asked :
Are you still doing the ten minute graphic challenge?? If so, BtoB as the seven deadly sins?

sure thing, hopefully i’ve matched them all up okay

start time: 9:09

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mingteukies asked :
teukmin :^)

hehehe of course sineka asks for teukmin >v<

sounds good! never tried this game before so i hope it looks alright

start: 5:54

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hey guys lets play a game! It’s called the 10 minute graphic challenge. Send me a request and I’ll make it in 10 minutes and once time is over I have to post it no matter what ;)

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